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Pre-planning Checklist

Preplanning your funeral makes sense and protects your loved ones. The following checklist provides a list of the main things you should consider when pre-planning.  Use it as a guide to help you document your wishes for your funeral.

Written Declaration

Some people will choose to include information relating to their funeral service in a will but you can choose to prepare a written declaration yourself even though it is not considered a legal document. If you choose to do so, ask to have a family member or representative of your choice (doctor, JP, clergy, etc.) witness the document. Your next of kin or executor will decide what takes place but a written record means that your wishes are more likely to be fulfilled.


  • Your signature
  • The date
  • Your printed name
  • Your address
  • Your contact numbers
  • The witness's name
  • The witness's signature
  • The date witnessed 
  • wording that states that you have made the decisions in sound mind and wish for them to be followed wherever possible.

General Information

  • Will - prepare a written will and record where it can be found.
  • Next of kin - contact details of the person you would like notified on your death. 

Funeral Arrangements

  • How would you like for the funeral to be paid?
  • Do you have a pre-paid fund? If so, list the details?
  • Are you entitled to a funeral benefit from a club, association or government source?
  • Who would you like to be responsible for arranging the funeral?
  • Which funeral director would you like to be used?
  • Would you like announcements to be made in any special newspapers or radio stations?
  • Obituary information you would like included
  • Coffin, casket and urn selection

The Funeral

  • Where would you like the funeral to take place?
  • Do you want a private family service or a public service?
  • Do you want a religious service?
  • Who would you like to lead the service?
  • Who would you like to take part in the service?  
  • What music would you like played?
  • Do you have any readings/poems or bible passages you want read?
  • Who would you like as your pallbearers?
  • Do you want other family members to be involved? If so, what do you want them to do?
  • Clothing and jewellery selection
  • Do you have specific personal items or mementos you want to be buried with or have displayed at your service?
  • Where would you like a wake held?
  • Who would you like to arrange the wake? Are there any special instructions for the wake?
  • Do you want flowers?
  • Would you like donations made on your behalf? If so, to which charities or causes would you like donations to be given?

Burial, Cremation and last place of rest

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Have you pre-purchased or reserved a burial plot or niche?
  • Where would you like to be buried or your ashes scattered?
  • Do you want a lasting memorial pehaps a plaque, gravestone or living memorial such as a tree or shrub?