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Funeral Styles

What is a "Lawn Cemetery"?

A lawn cemetery is one in which the burial takes place in a lawn setting and which may have memorial plaques that are set just below grass level, or a "Beam Lawn Cemetery" where headstones may be placed at the head of the grave upon the concrete beam. I.e. Western Districts Memorial Park Cemetery is a true "Lawn Cemetery" whilst Dubbo City Council's New Dubbo Cemetery is a "Beam Lawn Cemetery".

What are the benefits of a lawn cemetery

The philosophy behind a lawn cemetery is that it allows the cemetery to be designed as beautiful parklands, sweeping lawns, interspersed with groves of both native and exotic trees, allowing for our loved ones to be laid to rest in a setting which produces an atmosphere of peace and reflection for relatives and visitors.


What type of memorial can I have on the grave

As mentioned earlier all plaques at lawn cemeteries such as Western Districts Memorial Park Cemetery are placed just below grass level. The plaques are bronze and of a standard size with many design options available to cater for individual preference. Staff of Western Districts Memorial Park Cemetery are available to help with the selection of design and wording.  At a beam lawn cemetery you may have a headstone of your choice of materials e.g. granite or sandstone etc. as long as you meet the required dimensions of your local cemetery authority. Staff of the Abbey Funeral Home can assist you in choosing from a wide selection of monuments.